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…continuing my blogpost2….about the resting posture….where I wrote:

YET – that’s the point to understand by time -
the recommended obligatory "rest"  in between the postures and pranayamas, 

it’s a very subtle rest–

where you assimilate the previous posture on all levels -
and at the same time  - learn to go beyond the body – for me, its like a “runway from an aircraft” your “take-off” posture for the subtle journey!

Resting is to observe your energy – with the view from the eye of occiput, from the Divine Eye - observing the communication between your body and soul  -  the different energy shifts, which happen after postures, pranayamas or concentrations.  
You realize, where lets say,  spontaneously the energy gathers – and there you stay and realize and enjoy. You do not have to choose a concentration for the resting posture (even often a concentration for the resting posture has been given) - its more like -- a concentration “happens”. Where the concentration happens, which energy shifts you observe,  that depends on the previous posture and, may be, also on the capacity and intention with which you filled that posture.

I always, after explaining the posture externally,  introduce - at once - Occiput, the back of the head,  as one of the first concentrations, or better as pre-requisit for concentration, as a starting point for the capacity of internal navigation and orientation. It is in fact the most important concentrations, for experiencing the soul-level.

Very surprising for me – in a recent talk with a longterm student and teacher of Sri Sribhashyam – this person recommended, to introduce Occiput only after few month – as it could cause anxiousity – and students  could be overwhelmed, and that the introduction of these subtle points should be more gentle.
(For ex…before,  Kantha, Nasagra, Nabhi would be recommended).

"Occiput", as Sri Sribhashyam gave it as indication, is in sanskrit terms 
“Divya Chakshush - the Divine Eye”.
The Divine Eye is the most important point
- as it is the capacity to see inside, to navigate in the inner world. The view from there is non-dualistic - its the pure "observer" – its reception without judgement – a state of being - while the view from the level of the physical eyes is always  in terms of categories and judgement. 

He would may be say -  have to find the exact words in my scripts – go beyond the bodily level – light like a butterfly….


As I receive it – its  kind of clear –mandatory and at the same time naturally – that, when we want to enter a state of concentration (Dhyana) and later a state may be of meditation (Dhyana) – we  should connect to that precious gift of the Divine  Eye – which supports us entering and maintaining the level of the soul -- a state of –only beeing-

Actually, it might have been very naturally for me also, as I heard of this topic first time froma BKS Iyengar teacher, Adil Pavelka, where I took part in a workshop superlongtime ago. He mentioned that in Yoga – we ALWAYS look from there, from the Occiput -  at least we are conscious about the fact – that we always can remember to shift our reception and observing breath and motion from there. 

In a transcript of a talk from Sri Sribhashyam - named “The Pearl” (a wonderful talk – my favourite text, to recommend -- about “Why we practice asana, Mudra & Pranayama” as a unit) --  you may find the describtion about Divya Chakshush as follows –“…its one of the most important concentrations to reach the vision of the soul”.

In a seminar Sri Sribhashyam held in Wells for one week in July 2016 -

he described for Divya Chakshush:

“DIVYA CHAKSHUSH is called DIVINE EYE. You find  OCCIPUT in the middle of the resting point at the back of the head. When your lying and have the chin tucked  in (that’s important, you really have to do that). Really at the center of the back of the scull – where you are lying on - “pinpoint that region while laying!”

In the Bhagavadgita, Lord KRISHNA says about the DIVINE EYE:

“GOD has given a gift, that’s DIVYA CHAKSHUSH”.
He described the  “fruits” as follows -

 “Keeping alive the desire to see GOD or anything divine

 “putting in action your divine perception of GOD”

 Opens the inner eyes (divine eyes)  to see GOD



To end this blog for today  - I want to say – that experiences grow and developed over many years. Often, Sri Sribhashyam would say something, with his advice to watch it -- as for example “the Bandha is your concentration” – what would happen?  First you have an aha effect, then you would think - what is this – is that ALL?? --  and --  whats  the meaning more deeply --  then you would observe it, in your own practice - as with your students. And after years you will find – yes – exactly- that’s it - I understand  (even I may not always be able to do it).
Alike - he would not always allow questions –or he would say quite often “out of subject” – or he would show you clearly – you did not reflect enough before asking and pin your confusion.
First thing is – as we have respect for the teacher – you would not ask him any stupid question. We should think over it long time – see it in all aspects – before asking. That could cover a period of years – and some questions dissolve – and some would stay. My friend and teacher says, she would not ask questions. The questions will be answered one day.




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