ASHTANGA MEETS RAGA - live-music played in an Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Class

Andrea Panzer und Govinda Schlegel - Yoga meets indian Classical music
Ashtanga meets Raga in ancient times

Ashtanga meets Raga is our project of Govinda Schlegel practicing his indian classical string instruments in the morning - and me practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
Already years before we started that project, I was  asking Govinda for sending me calm slow Rudra Veena music for my Yoga Classes. Many students enjoy music while practicing - and i always could not take this electronic music with rythm. So I have been so happy when Govinda sended his first Raga music for Yoga. It was a piece on the Rudra Veena. The Rudra Veena is an ancient instrument, carried on the shoulder or on the back, and the sound is deep, slow an soft.  
Govinda always playes only the introductory part of a Raga, which is called Alap, which is a melodical intoduction in the specific Raga - without rythm. 


The word RAGA comes from the ancient Sanskrit and is translated as "that, which colours the mind". Ragas are intrinsically related to the prevallining mood at a specifictime of the day or night. They therefore represent and create a direct avenue of approach to the precious moment of the Here and Now - and so you are really able to surf on the waves of the tones.


Nowadays in our Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreats Govinda plays one or two mornings and everybody enjoyes so much the vibes of the Raga - which is choosen according the time of the day and the mood received intuitively. Its so great to practice with this beauty of soundwaves which carry you through the practice with ease.
The really great story is, that Anthony Grimmly - once in a workshop in Ulm- talked about or showed pictures of an exhibition of indian Yogis. It was  the worlds first exhibition on Yoga in Art (Photos) - named Yoga -  The Art of Transformation"  (2013) --and there we found quite a few paintings- which proved,
that this is really an ancient practice of Yogis and indian musical Arts!

Here is the link to our movie "Ashtanga meets Raga" made by Alexandro Sigismondi