ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA & Yoga in the Krishnamacharya Tradition - 200hr Certified TEACHER TRAINING

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Dates updated:
OCT. 2019:    
  So. 29.9. -  26.10. 
CAJIZ, Velez-Malaga)

JAN. 2020:    Mo. 6.1. - 2.2.       (CAJIZ, Velez-Malaga)
MARCH 2020: 
  So. 1.3. - 28.3.    
(CAJIZ, Velez-Malaga)

workshop speech is english (+ german ... depending on participants!)
Early Bird offer ends in general 2 month before the TTC starts (for Oct.: 6 weeks before!)


OCT. 2020:     27.9. - 25. 10.  (Benajarafe /  date to be confirmed in beginning of Nov. 2019)

Workshop-speech: german (+ english, depending on participants)

for your application please write to


Prices  & early bird for the October TTC:
EARLY BIRD - 15. Aug. 2019:                   
1900.- (Yoga + 2 healthy veggy snacks, non-residential)
REGULAR - 15. Sept. 2019:                       2200.- 
(Yoga + 2 healthy veggy snacks, non-residential)

Prices  & early bird for the JAN. +  MARCH TTC (Winterprices):
(until  5.11.19 + 31.12.2019):
              2100.- (Yoga + 2 healthy veggy food, non-residential)
until 14 days before start)
:                    2400.- (Yoga + 2 healthy veggy food, non-residential)

Please ask for the accomodation possiblilities!



This Ashtanga & Yoga Teacher Training course is designed for interested and dedicated
Ashtanga & Yoga practitioners of any level.
In CAJIZ (Finca El Ocle) we will be working in an exclusive small group, limited to 6 Yogi/ni/s.

Love the flow? - Lets get in touch!
For your application please write your Yoga CV (please no list - rather personal).
We will then have a scipe talk, to find out if this specific training will suit to your needs.

“If we practice yoga … we will then attain physical, mental and spiritual happiness,
and our minds will flood towards the Self.” Pattabhi Jois


“Dive deep & float on the waves of breath – easy and healthy!”

 Ashtanga Yoga is the origin of the modern Vinyasa Flows, and it tracks back to Pattabhi Jois, who learned it from his teacher Sri T. Krishnamacharya.
We invite you to experience Ashtanga Yoga, as a gentle Yoga Flow, a wonderful sequence, which we approach through different methods, like Vinyasa Krama, Vini Yoga, BKS Iyengar Yoga to learn the postures indepth and adopt them to personal needs.


What you will experience:

· learn the Primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with the traditional “Vinyasa Count”

. 3 weeks of intense Mysore-Morning Practice to guide & support everybody on its personal level (up and through 2nd series when you  meet conditions)

· built up a mysore-practice-routine as a strong base for your daily life and for your teaching

· Experience the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as a gentle & accessible flow guided step-by-step and learn to float on the waves of breath

· experience a healthy, opening, strengthening practice

· learn too see and to touch: helpful & healthy alignements in asana

· learn, how to create Yoga Classes for different levels, integrating themes, and based on Ashtanga Yoga and the Yoga in the Krishnamacharya Tradition.

· experience Yoga as a sprititual practice - how to include Pranayama & Meditation and

. study the Patanjali Yogasutras (mainly Chap.I & II)

· adopt the practice to your personal needs and age & to the needs of your various students

· integrate helping links for deeper understanding, progress in postures and alignement: working with probs, Vini-Yoga movements, Vinyasa Krama origins

· the value of regenerating sequences

· healthy food for yogis

. Chanting, Kirtan, Mantras

. meditative music for yoga


Along the Ashtanga Yoga “Primary Series”, you will learn the central and most effectiv Yoga postures and build up a gentle, strong and joyful personal practice in the Morning Mysore Classes. You will develop stamina as well as flexibility and progressing in the series at your own pace. We will follow the traditional Ashtanga Series – and I am there to support you to live your full potential!

In the technical classes we will explore the sequencing in asana (which is “Vinyasa Krama”) - how a single posture is build up from the easy to the advanced, and so, how to introduce postures, depending on the individual needs. This allows you understand, adopt and extend the flow, while respecting an underlying order. The genius structure of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga series also teaches us, how to build up a general yoga class. Studies of Pranayama, Mudra (static postures with concentration) Meditation & Yoga Philosophie will balance the asana-practice and shift us towards Yoga as a spiritual way, to support us best in our daily life.



!ASHTANGA YOGA LOVE! read more in the Bio of Andrea Panzer

I started with Ashtanga Yoga when I was about 40 years. After I completed a BKS Iyengar Yoga based Teacher Training I went to India as a gift to my own and met Rolf Naujocat, who taught Ashtanga Yoga at the Goa beaches.

I am grateful to have further studied with teachers, to whom the yoga of Krishnamacharya has been personally passed down. I could go deep, expand in my practice and at the same time, accompany many students in my studio and learn from them over a period of 20 years.

When we embed the Ashtanga Flow in a Pranayama and Meditation practice – we connect it back to the spiritual roots, and we will gain the ability to balance our body, mind & emotions and clear the inner sky!


14. 7. - 3. 8.|18. - 31. 8. 2019 |

15. 9. -28. 9. | 17. - 30. 11. |
29. 12. - 4. 1. 2020 |


with ANDREA PANZER (auth. level 2 by Sharath Jois) & GOVINDA SCHLEGEL (indian classical music)

 !All levels welcome!

workshop speech is english + deutsch + español

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4 weeks - 200h

englisch (german - depending on participants).

This Yoga-Training is offered for
Ashtanga Yogi/ni/s who want to deepen their practice, as well as for Yoga-Teachers who start newly with Ashtanga.

For those who want to teach, it  provides intensive practice, important tools, training and reflection, to be able to start, and realize their vision.

  • Yoga- & Ashtanga Yogateachers will gain a new insight & experience through learning the Ashtanga Series indepth focusing on breath & energy flow, alignment & Hands On. We include the method of Vinyasa Krama as a reference of the Yoga of Sri T. Krishnamacharya,  - also BKS Iyengar Yoga & Vini Yoga methods. You will gain insight in Yoga-Philosophy, as an "up to date" spiritual guide  and we will focus on Pranayama as a tool to dive deep into Meditation.


*  29. SEPT. - 26. OCT. 2019

*  6. JAN. - 2. FEBR. 2020
*  1. - 28. MARCH  2020

in the
Finca el Ocle / Cajiz (Velez-Malaga) -
Intensive Training for
small group of 
6 Yogi/nis

* OCTOBER 2020 in Casa el Morisco,
speech: german (date has to be confirmed at beginning Nov. 2019)

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Here you may order the wonderful indian RAGAS, played by GOVINDA SCHLEGEL -
"Ashtanga meets Raga" - indian classical music for your Yoga-Practice - as CD via AMAZON:

Ashtanga meets Raga / Morning Session

Mystical Ragas in the n ight / Evening Session




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