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Dear Yogi/ni/s!


We hope to welcome you soon to one of our wonderful Ashtanga Retreats or in an Ashtanga Yoga Training course!

We are very positive that the desire to travel is always stronger than the small current challenges that have to be considered when you enter the country. 


Here, in Andalucia live feels kind of "normal", happy and easy - its a wonderful relaxed summer this year!
Bars and shops are open -  actually since end of February -2021  and 
entry into Spain is more or less easy for many countries -with ups and downs - as it has been all year through - 2020 and 2021 -- as entry by plane has been always possible from abroad, with different small adoptations.

Masks outside are not obligatory anymore while keeping distance - but after more then 1 year - people wear it out of habit.


The destination airport for our retreats is Malaga.
Our guests have reported only positively about their journey and have not experienced any difficulties with their entry to Spain. 


For example - for  GERMANY  at the moment you need only to fill out the entry-app on
-- -- find more details below on 


Please ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK  YOURSELF, the entry and return travel conditions in detail , for YOUR specific country of origin, BEFORE planning your journey - as actual conditions might change on daily base.

As an Antigen-Test (not older then 48 hours) is still obligatory for some countries or regions  for your  entry to Spain - or back to your country of origin.


Below you find useful links to check the conditions of entry to SPAIN and return to your country!
I found,  that the   and  lufthansa    webpages  below, give both, an easy and quick overview to your specific travel conditions.



Here you find the obligatory information and helpful links about your entry to Spain and your journey back home. We have to inform you about travel conditions to Spain BEFORE  your booking!

ALL the current information (I would say 95% always up to date)  for your entry to Spain and back to your country of origin is in this link -- EASY summarized and  in different languages -- provides a good overview and all necessary links 

in english:

in german:


LUFTHANSA WEBPAGE  is a usefull source of info with up-to-date travel information.  You may choose your departure and destination airports and get all necessary information about your specific travel-conditions


Here is the link to the form you obligatory have to fill out ,  before your  entry to Spain and carry with you in digital form (you can choose different languages) 


You will may be need to include the address of your stay in your booking: 

When you stay at our Finca El Ocle - the address is below on the website (red field).

For the TTC at Benajarafe, you can find the address on the TTC PDF. 

When you choose a non-residential option, please include the address of your accommodation.


With your registration by arrival in our Finca El Ocle/or in your hotel - you automatically have coverage for insurance in case of COVID-19, provided by the Government of Andalucia for all travellers who are not residents of Spain.

Please read more in all languages 


Security measures

Here we inform you about the security-measures we have to follow obligatory in our Retreats.
You will receive this via whats-app at the beginning of  your stay.


If you have to carry only an Antigen-Test with you, on your way back home (not older than 48 hrs / 25-50EUR) -- 

through this link, you can arrange an exact slot for your test  some 3-4 hours before departure (do not forget to bring the confirmation-email for your slot!)

It's booked out very quickly, so arrange it 2, better 3 weeks in advance, as you save effort and a day of practice.
If you do not get a slot some hours before your departure,  - the procedure is, to do the test in the city nearby, but you would lose 1 practice morning (- valid only for flights at Sunday before 11:00!) and its 50 EUR (double price)

-- Important note here --
this applies for these travelers,  who need only an Antigentest (because you get the result within 15 min) -  the procedure is different for PCR, as here the result comes only on the next day!
No worries - we are happy to help to get through the small obstacles.


Often more confusing and more frightening, then a practical info - are here for GERMANY (Konditionen einzelner Bundesländer)


Current info about the situation in Andalucia: 



Please check the necessary travel information and advice from your country of origin to Spain.