Immerse yourself in a wonderful four weeks OF Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and advance to your full potential.




5 MAR-2 APR 2023

  • Ashtanga Yoga TTC
  • English language
  • Villa El Morisco, Benajarafe 

24 SEP-22 OCT 2023

  • Annual Ashtanga Yoga TTC
  • German language
  • Villa El Morisco, Benajarafe

3-24 MAR 2024

  • Ashtanga Yoga TTC
  • English language
  • Villa El Morisco, Benajarafe 

29 SEP-20 OCT 2024

  • Annual Ashtanga Yoga TTC
  • German language
  • Villa El Morisco, Benajarafe

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2800 €


REsidential - SINGLE ROOM

3080 €




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Our APANA Ashtanga and Yoga Teacher Training course is designed for interested and dedicated Ashtanga and Yoga practitioners of any level. 

The main aspect of this Training is to deepen your own yoga-practice and secondary to gain the important tools to be able to share what you love in a competent and confident way!


We always work in small exclusive learning groups, limited to 10yogi/ni/s to support you individually. 


Andrea Panzer ist von Sharath Jois authorisiert  AshtangaA KPJAYI Level 2 teacher, Andrea, is dedicated to sharing her approach to Ashtanga Yoga as a gentle, and adaptable flow for a deep and joyful practice. In OCT 2022 she will provide her 10th TTC since 2008. 

Read more about Andrea here!

My vision is to help you to dive deep and easy into Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, that you may experience Ashtanga Yoga in a joyful and most complete way, based on the teachings of Sharath Jois, embedied in the background of Vinyasa Krama, the general teachings of T. Krishnamacharya from whom the Ashtanga derived.


We approach Ashtanga Yoga as a gentle flow, in the way that I learned from my teachers Rolf Naujocat and Sharath Jois, including close students of Sri T. Krishnamacharya like Srivatsa Ramasvami and  Sri Sribhashyam, his youngest son.


You will learn indepth the Asanas of Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, experience how to use breath and energy movement by knowing about the subtle aspects of Bandha (energylock)  and Dristi (focus). As you learn to ride on the waves of Ujjayi breathing, you may be able to drop all tension from your body and mind, and shift into a new perspective on life.


You will learn how to break down a posture to its individual elements, how to simplify or intensify and adapt each posture to your body and ability, and to others you may teach.
With the help of the elements of Vini Yoga (the "step by step guide" of asana) and Vinyasa Krama (the system behind Ashtanga) you will integrate many approaches to the same asana and also learn how to use props for healthy and stable alignment (to experience the  aspects of a posture that it is "stable and sweet")


In separate Asana & Pranayama & Meditation sessions I will share often unknown inner techniques for a spiritual approach in the yoga of Krishnamacharya.


While completing your certified teacher training with us, you will have gained an in-depth Ashtanga Training as well as a wide perspective on different Yogastyles in the Krishnamacharya Tradition - providing a wide range of tools to teach as well as an insight into the spiritual aspects of life.


I am a lover of assisting in asanas, and it is always enlightening for myself. I've had to manage my scoliosis from an early age, and so for me alignment techniques are super important. I learned to touch, align and feel the internal concentration and the energy movement in Tai Chi Chuan (which I taught for 20 years) and more helpful and important alignment techniques in my first Yoga TTC, which was BKS Iyengar based.
Luckily I went up to the 3rd Ashtanga Series  with Rolf Naujocat,  a certified Ashtanga Teacher - who always cared for proper alignment in postures, and worked additionaly with BKS Iyengar technics - so I have been super prepared for the intensive practice with  Sharath in Mysore.
Later on, through the subtle teachings of Sri Sribhashyam, Krishnamacharyas son, I  learned about alignment in yoga in a much more subtle inner way.


In APANA Ashtanga Teacher Training we explore techniques of asanas and practice Hands On from the first day onwards. 


There is much wisdom in the traditional Ashtanga Count and understanding and learning it is part of the TTC.  It is great fun to be able to lead and count through a Ashtanga - Led Class - as it is guided all around the world!
However often we are ambitious practitioners in Ashtanga, and, when we teach it, we face that not every person is able to do what we find easy. We need methods to teach different levels and ages at one time in the same class, without overstraining one and under-challenging another.  Thats why we refer to the background of Ashtanga Yoga, the Yoga of Krishnamacharya to step by step reach the goal while keeping the flow.

We will explore the sequencing in asana (which is Vinyasa Krama) in the technique classes. How a single posture is built up from the easy to the advanced, as it is this ideal final asana that we mostly practice in Ashtanga.

Also life is always changing, and what we are able to do today, might vary tomorrow so we learn to adapt depending on our daily condition.


Sharing what we love is a great joy, as is finding your voice and personal style of teaching.


When your main aim for the TTC is to deepen your personal practice - this course will enable you to dive deep and advance in your series.
Along the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, you will learn about how to master the key-postures and build up a strong and joyful personal practice in the morning Mysore classes. You will develop stamina as well as flexibility and progressing in the series at your pace. We will follow the traditional Ashtanga Series, and when you completed Primary and start backbends you go on travelling through Intermediate. I am there to support you to practice to your full potential. 

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