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BLOG-post 2

Notes on the general Indications for  Sri Sribhashyams Practice sheeds – sounds dry?


First I have to say,  that I  am not at all a competent student of Sri Sribhashyam in the sense that I studied with Sri Sribhashyam in a TTC  – but loving his approach and loved his seminars – which I attended between 2008 to 2017 (the year he left his body on this earth, on the date of my birthday). These seminars were mostly in Heidelberg (Germany) -  where he came to teach a small group of his longterm students and some students of them, twice a year – and I also attended this exceptional training over a week in Wells, organized by Steve Brendon.

My experience on his  teachings, has grown on practicing and teaching myself – exploring reactions of students - as he recommended – to “learn to read the mind of the students”.

So I learned to observe, myself and others – according his many asthonishing advices - learned to read their mind, learned to read their internal subtle actions.

Therefore my statements – out of my experience – to help to transmit this outstanding teachings. As I am liking the practice so  much – I am again and again surprised – how difficult for the  many is this approach - to enter a state beyond the  body -  which is the aim of yoga.

PS: When I met him first time – I have been so impressed about his presence, teachings, speech and philosophical talks  - that I directly asked him, if it would be possible to study with him in a TTC, or personally.
He said that he just had finished to give TTCs, and personal study was not possible. (Actually a second reason to talk to him has been, that he freaked out about the behavior of  the students, which where about 100 in the room – relaxing eating lying around on the ground – stretching feet out to the teacher – a respectless no-go in Indian terms – (I remember Sri Ram saying –that still, after 20 years living in Germany - he can not really take that behaviour)  --while he gave a deep talk in indian philosophy. - so I just said, that I am very sorry about this - kind of excused me, because I have been so much touched about his words - which hit the point - of this  quite  common, non-attending, non-present, respectless behaviorin the seminar)


NOW - lets start with

“notes on the general Indications for  Sri Sribhashyams Practice sheeds – sounds dry?”


Not at all -- its a lifelong journey of exploration -- exciting, deep and expanding our horizon ---

a journey to the subtle world --

-- we start  with the first indications - which are

 "ALWAYS take rest between postures" -

"breathing is always with Ujjayi" -

"practice is with closed eyes" –

“Asanas and pranayamas start on the left side”

please give me time to explain step by step, what amazing themes are behind.


Lets start with  this -

we “always take 1-2 minutes rest” between postures or pranayamas -

Sounds easy?

PS - Are we free to take other "Vinyasas"? 
We  could see this resting as a kind of Vinyasa, an integration on all levels for to get ready for the next action. In Sri Sribhashyams system there is no other instruction as resting on the back - there are no other Vinyasas - on whatever level or intensity you may choose them (not the S. Ramaswami Vinyasas, not any of the  other short or longer Vinyasas, which Kausthub Desikachar is describing very nicely in his wonderful book "The heart of asana").
ITS LAYING, without any! physical movement.
PS - we also not even chanted an OM or other Mantras - (as we did with S. Ramaswami extensively and breathless, or in the Vini-Yoga Intensive a did with Sri Ram) - later in an other Blog I will talk about this shock, it caused within me - as I heard that fact the first time.

Sri Sribhashyam actually said – “its one of the most difficult postures”!

So lets approach it like

1)The posture from outside –Bandha from the physical level

2)The breath - “breath normally”

3)The posture from inside - the energetic structure - Bandha from the energetic level

4)The level of the soul - “Divya Chakshush - the Divine Eye”


The “resting posture” from outside –Bandha from the physical level

*feets are closed (heels and big toe balls) – the big toe balls pressing slightly in the air – the feet are 45° as in ALL inversions (so feet are not pointed in inversions – that would be a physical approach, and you are not able to observe the energy - as for ex in S. Sarvangasana or Sirsasana) -

*your “Bandha” is fixed (talking about Bandha later) – means – keep the lower third of your belly firmly inside, directly above the pubis bone – and keep it always, means always :) while in and ex and rest and aldays life - its simple ,"just normal, but you have to do it" -  (Sri Sribhashyams words - there is no other big key as this simple instruction)

*Shoulders open with strength in the back third of the delta –

*CHIN DOWN! That’s important – yet almost nobody likes to do that – but this is an important prerequisite for the internalized subtle aspects.

Actually its kind of Jalandhara Bandha (may be your chin can almost touch slightely the sternum - as result of an open chest - open means open up to the area below the collarbone) – and it’s the counterpole - as Srivatsa Ramaswami explained it - of the lower Bandha – so Bandhas are “in place” – but always softly (note that Sri Sribhashyam would never explain it like this - its putting it in my words)

Physically the posture is – like Samasthiti 2 (as the name  from S. Ramaswami, thats Samasthiti with Jalandhara Bandha) – it represents the basic energy-setting of EVERY POSTURE! 

normally people don’t like it –

why - what you think? The big fact is, that we all want to experience more stillness and peace - but at the same time the mind is a strong force against it - there is a unconscious resistence on entering the inner space. ..the result is - to receive it in the mind as a “rigid posture”. 
So it could be a way to do what you want while resting (for Sri Sribhashyam impossible - you had to follow very awake to his instructions) - but you are missing the point which you find easily through effort(less).

YET – that’s the point to understand by time -

it’s a very subtle posture –

where you learn to go beyond the body – its like a “runway from an aircraft” your “take-off” posture for a subtle journey!


I will open the next chapter in a new post....
namaste and buenas noches





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