ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA, VINYASA KRAMA & the Sri T. Krishnamacharya Tradition 2
Yoga · 14. April 2021
Notes on the general Indications for Sri Sribhashyams Practice sheeds - sound dry? Not at all -- its a lifelong journey of exploration -- exciting, deep and expanding our horizon --- a journey to the subtle world ---- when we start with the first indications - which are "always rest between a posture" - "breathing is always with Ujjayi" - "practice is with closed eyes" - it sounds boring at first sight - but please give me time to explain what amazing themes are behind...
ASHTANGA VINYASA YOGA, VINYASA KRAMA & the Sri T. Krishnamacharya Tradition
Yoga · 14. April 2021
NAMASTE YOGI/NI/S! Since long, there is this idea to write a new blog. “New blog” - because I wrote another blog over years, when I was travelling to Mysore, from 2006-2015, where I have been practicing altogether 1 ½ years with Sharath Jois and received his authorization level II May be this titel is too ambitious – may be T. Krishnamacharya wouldn’t like it? I am a very small light shining on the theme – but I like to share some thoughts from my heart.
Yoga · 25. November 2020
I would like to share my diary about my Ashtanga Journey to Mysore over many yeras, from 2007 - 2014, when I received the "Authorization level II" - after, as it has been usual in these times - altogether 1 and half year of practicing with Sharath in Mysore! After many trips to GOA, India, to my first and long years teacher Rolf Naujocat - I started my Ashtanga Journey in Mysore in 2007. Only or already 13 years back - it seems to be a completely different time quality - enjoy reading!
Yoga · 26. January 2020
APANA is one of the 5 main energy streams in our bodies. PRANA & APANA are the same force - complementary – not opposite! As 2 wheels, as sun & moon, as the right eye (sun) and the left eye (moon) - together, they are your life! (from a talk of Sri Sribhashyam in Wells 2015) While learning about inner visualization, synchronizing awareness, breath and energyflow - asanas can be done in a way that provides access to apana - with the help of Bandha - therefore experiencing easyness of posture.
Yoga · 25. October 2019
Our Ashtanga Yoga Mysore-Weeks give you the opportunity to practice at your own pace while experiencing to be carried by the immense energy created by the focus in the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore groups. Beeing guided by an experienced teacher, you dive deep into your personal practice - if beginner or advanced & emerge energised and happy. Our tranquil yogashala is located on the beautiful Costa del Sol, with almost year round warm weather, lots of sunshine and views to the Mediterranean Sea.
Yoga · 25. October 2019
Ring out the old ring in the new! Start 2020 renewed, refreshed and happy! Celebrate with us between the years and join in for an inspiring Ashtanga Yoga Morning Practice, in the lightful Andalucia. Choose from 1 to 3 weeks - starting before Chrismas and floating in the New Year. Afternoon Pranayama workshops, classical indian music- partly live for a practice, riding on the waves of the meditative sounds. Enjoy our yummie Brunch, stay for interesting workshops or discover Andalucia!
Yoga · 30. September 2019
Andrea Panzer is the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Inspiration and Apana Teacher Training. She describes her life long connection to Yoga, and her journey, practicing, becoming a qualified teacher and continuing to dive deeper into the spiritual mystery of Yoga and of life!